Lord Krishna Quotes

33 Inspiration Lord Krishna Quotes For Love and Intelligence

Lord Krishna is always the symbol of love and Intelligence and life. His teaching will remain forever and will change your life as Lord Krishna Quotes. Bhagwat Gita is the holy scripture of Hindus and is considered as the sum of Vedas and the Universal truth of life.

With the objective of fulfilling his mission of preaching and disseminating knowledge, Krishna imparted knowledge on many subjects to Arjuna, who was his disciple. One of these topics was Karma Yoga. Karma yoga is about selfless service to society with actions that are devoid of any egoistic motives. The ultimate goal is to achieve liberation through selfless work.

33 Inspiration Lord Krishna Quotes in English

Lord Krishna Quotes

Lord Krishna Quotes shows us the path of Moksha and the truth of life. The Krishna verses during the Mahabharat are known as Bhagwat Gita Quotes. So, Below are the beautiful quotes by Krishna.

1.) There are three gates to hell and self-destruction – Lust, Greed, and Anger.

2.) A Person is made by his beliefs. As he believes he becomes.

3.) The Key to happiness is the lower of desires.

4) Do everything with love, compassion, humility, and devotion.

5.) Conquered your mind It will be your best friend and will give you everything you need.

6.) Happiness is a state of mind which has nothing to do with the world.

7.) For what reason do you stress superfluously? Whom do you fear? Who can kill you? The spirit is neither conceived nor passes on.

8.) Whatever happened was great. What’s going on is working out positively. Anything that will happen will likewise be great. Try not to stress over what’s to come. Embrace current circumstances.

Lord Krishna Quotes

9.) Set your heart upon your work yet never its prize.

10.) Tranquility, tenderness, quiet, self-control, and virtue: these are the disciplines of the psyche.

11.) The main way you can vanquish me is through adoration, and there I am readily vanquished.

12.) Play out your required obligation, in light of the fact that the activity is without a doubt better compared to inaction.

13.) The brain is whimsical. It will not comply with you each time the brain gets out of hand, utilize your optional keenness to take it back to the equanimous position.

14.) The main way you can overcome me is by means of affection, and there I joyfully prevail.

15.) One who sees inaction in real life and activity in inaction-he is a brilliant man.

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16.) Dread not. What isn’t genuine, Never was, and never will be. What’s valid, Always was and can’t be obliterated.


17.) Nobody that accomplishes great work will at any point reach a horrendous consummation, either on the planet to come.

18.) Change is the law of the world. In a second, you become the proprietor of millions. In another, you become poverty-stricken.

Lord Krishna Quotes

19.) Damnation has three doorways – Greed, Anger, and fervor.

20.) Dread not. What’s not real never was and never will be. What’s genuine forever was and can’t be annihilated.

21.) Confidence in Krishna is an awesome and most secure course.

22.) An existence without Lord Krishna seems like petitions without dedication, words without feeling, Followers without scent, Echo Without reverberation, Existence without an objective, world without soul.

23.) Most heavenly love is of Mother and child.

Lord Krishna Quotes

24.) Never trust anybody totally yet Krishna. Love individuals, yet put your full trust just in Krishna.

25.) Whatever happened was great. What’s going on is working out in a good way. Anything that will happen will likewise be great. Try not to stress over what’s to come. Embrace the here and now.

26.) Krishna has a lot greater arrangement than we had for ourselves.

Lord Krishna Quotes

27.) Your life is a gift don’t squander it by being dismal.

28.) Enjoy some time off from your needed contemplations. Ponder my adoration!

29.) All we really want is Krishna.

30.) Krishna carried on one day to the next his like it was a celebration. Indeed, even as a small kid, he expressed numerous wonderful things about himself. One thing he said was, ‘The point at which I get up toward the beginning of the day when I hear the cows mooing and my mom calling out to each cow by its prior to draining them, I realize the time has come to rub my eyes and grin.’

Lord Krishna Quotes

31.) The effortlessness and elegance with which Krishna existed, the manner in which he drew closer everything around him, his walk, and the equilibrium between his body and psyche individuals couldn’t remove their consideration and eyes from him.

32.) At the point when we allude to Krishna as Gopala, we are discussing him endearingly. At the point when we call him Govinda, we are showing homage to him as the Divine.

33.) It is the blueness of the furthest ring of Krishna’s quality that made him overpoweringly appealing.

These Lord Krishna Quotes will help you to achieve anything in life just follow the path of truth. We hope that you like this article for more stay tuned at Motivation Wishing. Thank You!

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