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Love quotes for wife :My wife, my love, is very proud that today I wish you a happy Mother’s Day! To you who are the most devoted of women, and the most wonderful of mothers. You brought meaning to my life and came to justify my own existence.


But I don’t want to celebrate you, and your whole person as wife, wife, mother, just that day. I want to celebrate your exceptional every day, all our lives, and yet it will be little.


I love, respect and admire you in all your facets, and I am proud of you, all that you are and want to be. But most of all I am proud to be able to walk by your side, and to be the one you chose to build our beautiful family.


Love does not arise overnight, nor is it built in the briefness of a moment. Love is true companionship, walking side by side even in the face of difficulties. That is why we are together, my dear wife. The feeling that was born between us is based on our complicity. And the time of passion we have both been living has served to prove that our union is strong.

Love quotes for wife in english

I love you and I will always love you, my wife!

My Love, My Exemplary Wife

You never let me down, cheated, or lied to me. You have always been an exemplary wife! And believe me, I’ve never felt happier in life than since we assumed before God that we truly wanted.


And how could you want anything else, because your heart is golden and your mind is open enough to understand each other without discussion! You are the ideal woman and luckily your role in my life is very special. I love you, my dear!

My love, my beloved wife, strong and courageous woman, loving and dedicated mother. You focus on the true and deepest meaning of being a mother! For to be a mother is to be like you, and to have in the body all the charm of creation, in the womb to generate life, in the heart infinite love.


Being a mother is having like you, a heart as big as all oceans multiplied to infinity, a patience the size of the universe, and a permanent smile that soothes and comforts. Being a mother is being like you, sublime essence of protection, unconditional love and affection that never runs out.

You are always present, tireless, constant. You know how to impose yourself when necessary, to give without ever demanding back. You are a woman of infinite charms and fortresses; loving and dedicated wife; Wonderful mother, protective, attentive, exemplary. You are the one who can best honor all the names where yours fits!

My all-time companion, today is another day to remember everything we’ve been through together and celebrate our love. My dear wife, I woke up next to you today and was thrilled to look at you.

It’s been so many years side by side, sharing smiles, overcoming challenges and most importantly, always being together.


It is an honor for me to spend another Valentine’s Day by your side, celebrating the love that exists between us.


I love you, my beautiful wife!

My sweet and beloved wife

My sweet and beloved wife, today more than ever I am sure that the day I made the best decision of my life was the day we got married. I’ve always known, since we first met glances, that you were the woman of my life, but I never imagined that my life would be so happy by your side.


He could enumerate all his qualities, report how wonderful it is just a day by his side, but if he did, he would never finish this letter, and that because it is a love letter, he only wants to confess once more my love, my love. Gratitude, my respect, my admiration for the amazing wife, wife and friend you are to me.


My love, I just regret not having met you sooner and having had more time to love you, but still, I hope to have all this life, and all the next, to love you, my queen!

The greatest blessing of my life was meeting a woman who truly deserves to be called by that name. It would be impossible for me to have chosen someone better to live a life with, when I asked her to be my wife forever. You are a loving and loyal companion and also a wonderful mother. Your strength and determination are the light that guides our family in the best way.


I love you with all my strength and every day I discover a new reason to keep doing it. When I get home after a day of work, your kiss gives me back the strength I lost and your hug gives me the comfort I need to feel more peaceful. You’re sweet and have a generous heart, it’s the best example we can have.


I want to repay everything you give me. There are things that are priceless and one of them is the possibility of having it by my side. I promise that I will fight for our happiness so that you will also feel the same pride in me.


I knew the moment was coming. The last few times I ran my hand over her belly, I felt a great stir, as if our baby was asking to leave. And now the day has come, the instant the miracle of life has happened that will change our lives forever.


My love for you has grown more and more and now we have one child in common, dear wife. I will keep fighting to live the best of lives and, above all, to have a happy family.

Love quotes for wife
Love quotes for wife

I have always trusted completely in the Lord’s plans for my life, but I never imagined that He would keep such a wonderful wife to share with me the best of feelings.


You can turn the biggest problems into tranquility, a cry of sadness into comforting smiles, never into maybe, and love into the greatest feeling there is. My thanks to God for joining us is heard by Him every day, but you deserve so much more than a “thank you” at the end of a kind gesture.


I want to thank you for bringing more happiness to my day, for the eternal show of affection and for walking beside me in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for all the wonders I discovered when your love came into my life. Love you, my dear!


My beloved wife, perfect companion of a life that will now become even richer, I love you so much and our son who now carries in your womb! I am so happy to have you and to be living this beautiful moment.


I love her, I admire her, and about her! My perfect wife, strong, charming and brave woman, you will be the best of mothers and I will do everything to be the husband and father that you and our son deserve.

Having you is a dream come true, it’s the utopia that was left in my life, it’s the reality I appreciate every day. It is the strength I desired. It’s the love I never loved. I love you!

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