50+😭Sad love quotes😭

😭 Sometimes we have to let go of those we want to hug so we won’t be disappointed anymore.

Even if it hurts, no matter how disappointing I will always choose the truth.

I’m not sad about not having you physically, just having it in my heart is enough to supply the love I feel for you!

From my reality is born sadness, from my love is born uncertainty. I know what I want, but I also know that I cannot be forgiven.

Everything in life has a certain value. Even the inner emptiness that wells up in the silence of the sadness of deluded and unrequited love.

No one has ever seen anyone love make it so sad.

It’s sad when a feeling as beautiful as love turns into an experience we want to forget.

There is no true love,for the same reason that there is no false love.Either one loves or there is no love!

No one has ever seen anyone love make it so sad.

Many Loved yout moments of joyful grace,and your beauty,with false or true love,But a man loved the pilgrim soul in you,And the sorrows of your face always changing.

“But how good it would be to build something pure, free from false sublimated love, free from the fear of not loving … Fear of not loving, worse than the fear of not being loved …”

Bulaa Rha Hai Kaun Mujhko Uss Taraf, Mere Liye Bhi kya koi Udass Bekaraar Hai.

Wo Tere khat Teri Tasvir Aurr Sookhe Phool,Udass Karti Hain Mujh Ko Nishaniyan Teri.

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